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Science Week 2016

November 26, 2016


We celebrated Science Week 2016 this week and did so by carrying out a number of experiments as a whole class group. We also talked a lot about how we carry out an experiment. Would you like to know how?  

Here are the steps;
1. Ask a question.
2. Make a hypothesis.
3. Carry out an experiment.
4. Record results.
5. Make conclusions. 

We really enjoyed doing the experiments and being scientists! Have a look at our gallery and tell us what you think! 
Please note that there is a Science Week Family Open Day taking place in the GMIT, Castlebar on this Sunday (20th) and doors open at 11.30am. Here is a link for more details.  


​-Ms Fitzgerald, 2nd and 3rd class. 


Experiment 1: We put sticks of celery into water containing food colouring. We found that the celery changed colour so we came to the conclusion that the celery drank the water and plants need water to survive! 


Experiment 2: We chopped up an apple to find out what happens when it is covered in different liquids (baking soda and water, lemon juice and milk). We left one on it's own to see what air does to the apple! Our results showed that the air turned the apple brown as did the baking soda but the milk and lemon juice stopped it from turning brown! We concluded that lemon juice and milk can act as a preservative.