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Latest News - Around the Classes

Junior Infants Welcome Some Visitors!

They may be very young but they are soooo cute! One of our Junior Infants brought in her gorgeous puppies for everyone in the class to admire!

Witches are Scary in Senior Infants/First!

In our Senior Infant/First Class we had some very unusual people looking in our windows and flying around everywhere - and we aren't talking drones or Ryanair way, we are talking brooms, black cloaks, long noses and scary witch laughs! And there were loads of them....but we found they were just coming to have a look and they were very friendly.....really!

Second and Third Class News

Just outside our classroom door we have an empty board just waiting to be filled with news of all things 2nd and 3rd class!

Children often like to bring in newspaper clippings of different events, especially if they're involved in them and we would love to get them for our board. It doesn't stop there! They can bring in pictures of dance competitions, kickboxing tournaments, football blitzes and family events like the arrival of new puppies or family holidays ... read more

West Mayo Cross Country

We are very proud of all our pupils who took part in the West Mayo Cross Country Championships held in Balla recently. It was a great day out and everyone enjoyed it. 

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