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Science Week in 3rd Class

After a busy week in 3rd class, we thought it was high time we let everyone else in on the fun! 

We did a number of demonstrations and experiments to mark Science Week 2017 and we really enjoyed them. For our first experiment, we made Newton's Colour Circles and, although they're a little tricky to get working, they were so impressive when we finally got the hang of them! 

Our second experiment was involving a saturated solution of sugar and water but we have to wait a week or so to see those results! 

Finally we spent Friday afternoon making and testing our very own parachutes! This was great fun and quite challenging, even with the help of a carefully laid out procedure. Here are a few pictures of these parachutes. 

To mark the beginning of winter, we did some collage work and imagined ourselves catching snowflakes! Well done to everyone for their hard work and it was great to see everyone helping and praising each other during the science and art lessons. 

Watch this space for more fun in Rang a 3!


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