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Student Council report

We are Derrywash Student Council. We make sure that all the students in the school are happy and that everything is running smoothly at school. We hold meetings every few weeks in Ms Jennings' classroom and with the help of her we are able to get things done in school. We have suggestion boxes in every class and when we look at these suggestions we see what is bothering other children. This year we have spent a lot of time trying to sort out issues in the senior yard. We have made two different plans and the second one is working well and everyone is happier at breaktimes. We have asked Ms McDonnell to get extra equipment for the yard and she got them for us. We are planning to have a bake s

Owl Print Art

We were inspired to make owls after learning a lovely poem this week. Using pegs and a pompom instead of a paintbrush was so much fun

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