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'One Small Step for Man; One Giant Leap for Mankind'

Dear Parents, Friends and Family,

It's time for an update on what 2nd and 3rd class have been getting up to over the past few weeks!

Our theme at the minute is 'Space' and we have really enjoyed this topic. We have learned so much and still have so much to learn as it is an area of science that is always changing and is constantly making new discoveries. As part of our studies, we studied the moon landing, the planets and we learned the 'Planet Rap'. We did some gorgeous artwork and created a space timeline to show important events over the last number of years. Check out our photos below with some of this artwork and our display. Finally we worked in groups to research a planet each and presented them to the class today. Everyone spoke very well about their planet and we all enjoyed hearing about the different planets.

Well done to all the children on their hard work. The projects and artwork look amazing!

-Ms. Fitzgerald

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